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That’s A Bunch Of Baloney: Classic Joke/Expression Discussion And Great Recipe [New]

April 13, 2012

Hi guys, as I was making my sandwich today it occurred to me that I was using one of my favorite deli meats that not only serves to feed me but also to express myself in difficult situations like if someone is lying or if something happened to me that I found unfair. I’m going to show you how to make the advanced sandwich I made as well as discuss some phrases that involve bologna.

I broiled two slices of bread and squirt out some dijon mustard on both slices. I smoothed the mustard into a uniform spread by rubbing those slices together, sparing myself the clumsy fiddling around with a knife. I neatly fold slices of bologna on one half of the sandwich.

Put two or three slices of cheese on top of the bologna.

And there you have it.

Keep in mind that bologna isn’t just a meat but like I said earlier, can be used to express some feelings that might be difficult to pinpoint. For example sometimes when people are talking to me they’ll lie or possibly try to deceive me and i don’t want to be confrontational so I don’t say anything to them but in my head I’ll whisper “You’re full of bologna” and I’ll feel a little better about the deceit. If I’m arguing with a loved one or a close friend then I might even say it out loud as long as I don’t think it will have a lasting negative impact on our relationship.

Another thing I’ll say to myself sometimes is “That’s a bunch of bologna.” That’s if I feel like I’ve been wronged or treated unfairly but not outright lied to or deceived. Or even just if I’m disappointed about something. Like if I’m riding the subway and they make an announcement that they’re going to skip my stop I’ll says “That’s a bunch of bologna.” Sometimes I’ll say it to another person on the train if I’m feeling good but most of the time just to myself.

So really if you’re an angry person think about using these phrases to calm yourself down instead of starting a conflict or confrontation. Just because you’re upset doesn’t meat you have to make someone else upset too. Use a funny phrase with the word bologna to cheer yourself up and when you go home you can look up this post and make a delicious sandwich with bologna to cheer yourself up more.

That’s a bunch of bologna in a whole different way!! Stay tuned for some more delicious recipes and information in future posts.

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  1. I like the way this Blog gives me tips about Life like things to say and not just great Tips about Food.

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