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“What’s a matzoh with you?” – Timon and Pumba, The Lion King

April 9, 2012

I know some Jewish people who are complaining about the lack of exquisite food options at their disposal during the Passover holiday. Many of these Jew friends of mine joke about big crackers that they are forced to eat instead of bread. I never back down from a culinary challenge so I set about finding away to make mandatory big crackers delicious.

From what I understand, Jews are not used to eating their crackers any way other than plain, as pictured above. I sampled a piece of cracker as such and it was not satisfactory.

I began to spread cream cheese over the cracker with a knife. I could hardly wait to take a bite of the cracker with the addition of the cream cheese.

I wound up with this. A delicious big cracker smothered with light, flavorful cream cheese. Any Jews who are looking for a scrumptious new way to celebrate the journey to Egypt, please replace all meals and snacks with this dish.

One Comment
  1. Why Did You Need to Use a Knife? I think that is Very Wasteful and not in line with the Juish Tridition.

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