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A Chip Off The Old Potato

March 27, 2012

I discovered a food product yesterday so perfect and complete in every way that I could barely sleep thinking about sharing it with the web and the general public.

These potato chips are jam-packed with caffeine, taurine, B vitamins and protein. The perfect blend of energy and nutrition to start your day or come out of a slump with a bang. I found a few bags of ARMA Engergy SNX (Snacks) at work and the discovery has changed my life forever. These chips combine the chemicals I need with the delicious crispy crunch of potato chips to make the perfect meal or snack.

The chips have a BBQ flavor but with a hint of the added chemicals so that you know you’re getting what’s promised on the bag. The chips maintain form and do not bend or break easily.

The reflective mirror-like material of the inside of the bag accentuates the bright color of the chips, like fallen bits of the Sun that rest on top of one another with taurine powder and caffeine powder blended carefully to give you a punch. The chips have beautiful curves that you can’t duplicate with homemade potato chips or any other kind of homemade food.

Check out these ARMA Energy SNX (Snacks) and make a friend for life, like I did.


  1. Its just like what Jacked Doritos promised but failed to come through on…. Now you can get your daily dose of energy without all the liquid (and subsequent urination) that coffee burdens us with. Exxxplosive poops…maybe. But now I can evade all those pointless pee breaks and have seat instead.

    • Worried Mom Wonders about Wealth and Well-being of Wittle Chip Wranglers permalink

      I’m worried about the children

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