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Teachings On A Hot Steeped Beverage

March 20, 2012

I was motivated to make this post when I saw this video:

That naked man is named Jason Russell and he’s been in the news a lot lately for trying to give nice Africans guns to fight mean Africans who already have guns. I don’t know why he freaked out like that but he needs to read this post and CALM DOWN with a nice cup of relaxing tea. This recipe is for an advanced drink and you should make sure you’re comfortable working with hot liquids before you attempt it.

Begin by filling up a teapot, kettle or water heater or hot plate with some cold water. The water does not have to be hot at this stage in the cooking process because we are going to heat it up with another kitchen tool.

Place the teapot on one of your stove’s back burners. This way, if you decide you want to cook some eggs or perhaps something else in the meantime, your front burner is easily accessible.

Turn the burner on and put it on the highest setting. My luxury stove clicks when it’s turned to hi to alert me that I’m on the highest setting. If your stove doesn’t have this feature and you don’t feel confident in determining the highest temperature by yourself, don’t feel bad about putting this beverage off until you’re a better chef. When the kettle gives a toot it means it’s boiled and you’re just about ready to drink some tea.

Put a teabag inside a mug of your choice and make sure the string is dangling on the outside of the mug.

After pouring the boiled water into your mug, your tea is done. Try to drink it quickly because it does not taste good cold. When you finish your first mug, your teapot will still probably be hot enough to provide for a second cup. Don’t drink too much if you have to go somewhere important because  you will have to use the bathroom a lot.


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One Comment
  1. Biggest Fan! permalink

    Thank you so much for the reminder about the urination prospects of hot tea! I always wondered why I could not sit through top level meetings at work and just HAD to go to the bathroom. Now I know! Career adavncement up the corporate ladder, here I come!

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