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Marching To The Tuna My Own Drum

March 18, 2012

I just ate one of my favorite lunch sandwiches. It’s a classic with my own personal twist and improvements, so if you’re one of my loyal readers get ready to take notes and if you’re reading my blog for the first time, consider subscribing and taking notes for your own benefit.

Start by broiling bread as you would for any sandwich.

I dumped out a tin of solid white albacore into a bowl but you can use any type of tuna that you like. Mash it up good with a fork.

Mix in a heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise. There’s nothing worse than a bland sandwich so you want to make sure those dull, tasteless fibers of tuna are smothered head to toe in magnificent mayo.

A few healthy streams of hot sauce, I use Texas Pete, will add both zing and zest to your dish and add some nice color and variety.

Throw some black pepper into the fray.

Flip your bread over so the other side starts to broil. Place a slice of cheese on one of the slices of bread to allow it to fuse into the bread.

Take some of your homemade pickled red onions and add them to the tuna concoction. If you forgot to pickle some red onions then put the sandwich on hold until you make some.

And there you have it, a sandwich so good that I was willing to cut off ties with my family when they didn’t support my efforts to join the Subway sandwich design team by pitching this exact sandwich to them. Unfortunately, I ended up cutting off ties with the folks at Subway too, which stung even more and I implore them to reconsider their position on the Spicy Tuna Torpedo sandwich.

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  1. Chef Boyardee permalink

    Das uh spicy tuna!

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