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Spice Up Your Life With Some Prosemary

February 22, 2012

Hi guys, I’d like to share one of my short works of culinary romantic fiction with you. Please enjoy and learn something about cooking at the same time.

Boiling With Affection
by Dining With Dignity

Simon was so excited about his date that he almost couldn’t concentrate on stirring the cream sauce, but he was an accomplished chef and the sauce turned out beautifully. He was a very attractive and confident man who was widely admired by his friends and family. He turned off the stove and set the table in his dining room. The doorbell rang and he went to answer it.

Diane, a beautiful woman the same age as Simon with a beautiful face and body, was standing outside the door.

“Hi Diane, it’s great to see you. You look beautiful,” said Simon. He invited her inside with a wave of his hand.

“Thanks Simon it’s great to see you too,” said Diane. “It smells amazing in here,” she added.

Simon led Diane into the dining room and pulled out a chair so she could sit down. There were candles and flowers on the table and she felt very attracted to Simon when she noticed them. Simon went into the kitchen and grabbed the appetizer — a bologna and muenster cheese platter drizzled with Dijon mustard and hot sauce. Diane couldn’t contain her joy when she saw the wonderful appetizer I prepared and nearly jumped out of her seat with excitement.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed. “Simon this looks so good I can’t wait to eat it!”

“It’s one of my favorites,” said Simon. “It’s not too difficult to prepare if you know what you’re doing either. You want to spread out your bologna and muenster cheese evenly and microwave it for a couple of minutes. Flavor with Dijon mustard and hot sauce to taste and zap it for another minute or until the cheese is melted, but it should really only take another minute.”

“That sounds a little too complicated for me!” said Diane. “But with you in my life now I guess that doesn’t matter.”

Simon smiled gracefully. He had to admit to himself that the platter was delicious. No woman had ever had that bologna platter and then turned down a second date.

“Are you ready for the main course?” asked Simon.

“Actually I think I need a moment, that was really filling,” replied Diane, rubbing her tummy in a satisfied manner.

“Yes, it’s a very hearty dish. If you don’t mind I’m going to bring the entree out here and serve myself.”

“Sure, I can’t wait to see what it is.”

Simon stood up and walked into the kitchen. He took the pot of cream sauce that had been cooling and poured it over the spaghetti with scrambled eggs and onions. Then he placed the pot in the sink and filled it with water to get a head start on cleaning. He brought the dish out and placed it in the middle of the table. Diane began serving herself.

“I thought you were full?” said Simon inquisitively, smiling in a knowing manner.

“This just looks too good to miss so I made some room.” replied Diane. She took a bite of the pasta and her body language indicated great pleasure. “This is the best meal I’ve ever had. What is this divine sauce made out of?”

“Well I’ll tell you what the whole dish is made out of. I start boiling some spaghetti and dice some onions, then fry them. When the spaghetti is done boiling I pour them in the pan and coat it all with egg. You really want to make sure you get a healthy amount of egg in there, enough so that there are equal parts egg to your spaghetti I’d say. And the sauce is a very simple yet elegant cream sauce. I boil some cottage cheese and I throw in some pepper and sugar. You want to stir it well enough so that the curds smooth out and the sauce becomes even.”

“Well Simon, if you’re as good in the bedroom as you are in the kitchen I’d say this relationship will last a long time,” said Diane as she let out a laugh. Simon smiled and laughed as well but then looked at her seriously.

“Diane, I’m not like other crude, disrespectful men that you might have dated in the past. I respect women and I take sex seriously. I’m not going to make you do anything you feel uncomfortable with.”

“Thank you, that’s really refreshing to hear. Would it be alright with you if I spent the night?”

“Yes, please do. I have an extra pair of pajamas that you can borrow.”

“Thank you,” said Diane. She put on the pajamas, then got under the covers and laid down.

Before Simon went to bed he went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. As he looked in the mirror he couldn’t help but smile, pleased with his new romantic interest and how well dinner turned out. When Simon returned to the bathroom he went back into the bedroom. The bed was neatly made just as it had been before. His extra pair of pajamas had not been removed from his dresser.

“Good night Diane,” he said as he shut off the light.

  1. DWDdad permalink

    That’s a lot of bologna; did he hide the salami?

  2. DWDgirlfriend permalink

    Please sir, take all my upboats!

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