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I’m Going Bananas Over This Cottage Cheese

February 11, 2012

Grab your pens and pencils and copy this one down guys because it’s one of my original recipes and you will not find it anywhere else. Some of you may remember my brief yet warranted complaint regarding the quality of Daisy cottage cheese in my post entitled You’ll Find No Indian In My Cupboard. Well I actually owe Daisy some thanks because their disappointing product motivated me to conjure up some truly creative and one-of-a-kind recipes. And you’re all about to benefit from my ingenuity.

We’re about to spruce up the last of this cottage cheese and turn it into a cottage dream. Using a spoon, guide the cottage cheese out of the container and into a bowl.

My jelly of choice is blackberry but I suppose other flavors would suffice. Dump a heaping spoonful anywhere into the bowl.

Mash up a banana with your fingers into the bowl. Some people will tell you to use a knife but these are wasteful chefs who have no consideration for convenience or technique.

And now if you were able to mix it all together without sneaking too many bites in you should be looking at the most marvelous cottage cheese and fruit platter in existence. Please enjoy guys, it makes me so eternally happy to provide all of you with fresh buckets of food knowledge from the bottomless well of food knowledge that is my brain.

  1. Yum my mom likes to add jams to her cottage cheese. I like the jam and the fruit idea. I love walnuts so I would probably throw in a few. Really great post, stop by and say hi 🙂

  2. Anonymous permalink


    • Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you for your criticism and suggestion that I continue to pursue education. I personally believe that everyone should continue to learn and improve in every aspect of their life.

      Dining With Dignity

  3. CatDogFan666 permalink

    I simply love cottage cheese especially for its versatility. Infusion with jam is definitely a unique way of utilizing it, and I am thankful that you’ve added to my repertoire for cottage cheese usage. On the rare occasion that I do shave I tend to get an almost insatiable itch, but by sort of an accident I’ve found that applying cottage cheese to my neck is most effective method of relieving the itch. Perhaps next time I shave, whenever that may be, I’ll add some jam to the mixture enjoy its tempting aromas as I browse my favorite website,

    Looking forward to your next update,

    • Dear CatDogFan666,

      Thank you for your devoted readership. This alternative use of cottage cheese, which is indeed the most versatile ingredient known to man, is absolutely stunning. I don’t know much about the people who frequent but I’m sure they would love to hear about your innovation. They might also like to hear about a minor inconvenience you’ve recently dealt with accompanied by a poorly drawn angry stick figure that’s familiar to them.

      Dining With Dignity

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