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Dress Up The Deli Meat

February 5, 2012

Guys, I don’t know about you but I can’t stand it when I have to waste a knife just to spread a condiment on my bread to make a sandwich. Please pay attention to this intermediate technique to make a hassle-free cold cut sandwich with nothing besides your hands.

Spread as much as you like on the bread

Pour out some Russian dressing on two slices of bread, broiled in an oven if you prefer like myself. If you have no Russian dressing a lesser condiment or sauce will do just fine.

Make a little go a long way

Now we’re going to skip that unwieldy, bothersome knife and employ a far more convenient smooshing technique to spread our dressing over our slices of bread. Press the two pieces of bread against each other and rub the dressing in. Now you’re making sandwiches like a professional.

Can't beat beautifully smeared dressing

That just looks absolutely fantastic. A perfect smear on both slices. A knife could hardly compete.

I buy my genoa salami on sale at Shaw's

I like to arrange my cold cut of choice in a nice pattern, alternating positions from one side to the other. For the sandwich I’m using Genoa salami that I bought from my local Shaw’s on sale. If you look hungry when you order it at the deli counter the nice lady might give you a free slice.

Why is the outside of muenster cheese orange?

Muenster cheese goes great with any kind of meat as it adds a mild edge that compliments just about any flavor. The orange flavor is aesthetically pleasing and matches the hue of the Russian dressing. Finally, place the other piece of bread on the sandwich. Make sure the side with the Russian dressing is pressed against the cheese to avoid dirtying and stickying hands while eating.

If you have a complex dish that you wish to see a competent chef prepare before you attempt to do so yourself, please drop me a line and I will show you the proper way.

  1. CatDogFan666 permalink

    First of all, I would like to say I really enjoy reading your blog and trying out your recipes. I like how you used an appropriate amount of Russian Dressing, as to not overpower the subtle flavors of the bread. I know all about these things, as I have attended a Liberal Arts College.

    • Dear CatDogFan666,

      Thank you for taking the time out of your day to compliment my blog and recipes. I can tell you are an accomplished chef like myself by recognizing that there is such a thing as an appropriate amount of Russian Dressing and noting the advantages graduates of Liberal Arts Colleges have over other people.

      Dining With Dignity

  2. Dear Sir,
    Tonight me and my feeauntsay and I had grilled cheese and tomato soup using store brand cheese flavored singles, which also have the orange flavor of which you speak. I would be interested to see your approach to such a dish. I am in theology school, and therefore do not have the same liberal arts understanding of food things.

  3. Dear nothingbuthseep,

    I must say that as important as a liberal arts education is for the general public to understand the finer points of cooking, there are the gifted few who have an innate sense of what makes great cuisine. I can say with confidence that your fee-ahnce and yourself are two of those lucky ducks. I do believe, however, that such a tutorial would be a good post for the aforementioned general public. Thank you for your keen suggestion.

    Dining With Dignity

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