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Pizza With Pizzaz

February 1, 2012

I am sorry if anyone saw this picture I posted by accident before I was ready to post. I do not usually settle for such a low level of professionalism. But consider it a sneak peak of some important information I have to share.

Don't need friends just because it's pizza night

Many people consider pizza the ultimate friend food. A great meal to order from a local restaurant when you’re having some friends over. But consider the benefit of ordering a pie for yourself. You don’t need to waste any of your own plates and you can eat it right out of the box. Please stay tuned for a tutorial I will be posting later today regarding cupboards and kitchen management.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I love pizza

  2. The pizza in the south sucks so much. I wish I had some actually tasty pizza around here. I miss Gino’s. Also, what’s the difference between New York and Chicago styled pizza?

    • Dear T,

      That’s a great true complaint about Southern pizza and a great question about New York and Chicago styled pizza. New York is a city on the east coast of the USA and Chicago is a city in the mid-west USA, so it’s merely a question of where you got your pizza. Whichever city you are closest to dictates the style of pizza you are eating. Why isn’t there St. Louis styled pizza then? Well because pizza was invented in NY and Chicago independently at very similar times and the two cities have been quarreling over who rightfully invented pizza first ever since.

      Dining With Dignity

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